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Georgia Boat Insurance

Georgia Boat InsuranceAre you ready for boat season? Do all boats need insurance? Do I really need boat insurance? You have come to the right place. Boats need to be insured. If you have a lien on your watercraft then you know it has to be insured. But what about if there is no loan. Boaters need to be aware that there are many thing that a boat policy can offer.

Liability Coverage is to protect you should you injure someone by hitting them while on the lake. It can also cover the damage to another watercraft that you may run into while boating. Boat policies often offer optional coverage for ski equipment, fishing equipment, electronics, towing and many other coverages.

Located in beautiful Gainesville, Georgia on Lake Lanier,  Barrett Hill Insurance agency provides boat insurance for the most demanding boat clients. We offer coverage for Jet skis, Personal watercraft(PWC), Runabouts, Pontoons, DeckBoats, Bass Boats, sail boats, or any other kind of watercraft. Insurance quotes are quick and simple and can be handled in a few minutes.

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